Thursday, January 21, 2016

BMCT & Vanaver Caravan launch new eco-artistic initiatives in Udaipur

Artists introduce “Shaktipur” for artistic exchange and environmental awareness

artists-udaipurForeign & Local Artists Dedicate Shaktipur, a new lakeside incubator for creative global artistic exchange and ecological consciousness. 
Renowned local and foreign artists gathered to celebrate three distinctive milestones in Udaipur’s Creative City evolution. First was the dramatic finale of Vanaver Caravan’s third triumphant Udaipur visit; second was inauguration of Shakti Caravan, a new international artistic vehicle to spread eco-arts education; and finally the dedication of Shaktipur, an envisioned organic eco-park and global performance & body arts education centre.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Summer 2014 Shakti-Caravan Exchange - From Udaipur to New York

BMCT partners, the Vanaver Caravan took the Shakti-Caravan exchange program to New York city and state this summer. Dancer-choreographer Bharat Verma, founder director of the Heartbeators Dance Academy, Udaipur, and his senior dance instructor, Kishan Lal Gameti have just returned fresh from a successful month long stint with the Vanaver Caravan's annual Summerdance on Tour.  This event includes world dance workshops for children and youth and performances for festivals and local community fund raisers.

Bharat and Kishan performed with the VC and continued to learn some of their world dance repertoire and in exchange taught Bollywood and Rajasthani folk dance. Bharat's choreographies and Kishan and his teaching methods received glowing reviews from their students and audience alike. 

Some highlights of the VC's Summerdance on Tour 2014 include:
- participation in the one week long Lincoln Center festival for America’s celebrated singer-songwriter, civil rights activist, philosopher sage, Pete Seeger;
- an Indian night of Bharat's dance choreographies, Bollywood  and Rajasthani folk dance at the  Rosendale auditorium, in Ulster country NY; and
- dancing at the famous Battery Dance Company’s annual downtown modern and world dance festival in New York city.

For further information kindly visit the news links below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Catalysing Udaipur Shakti Sundays

In February 2014 the press coverage and popularity of the Shakti Caravan project gave rise to Udaipur Shakti Work project's second stream of activity the ‘Udaipur Shakti Sundays’ (9th February 2014).

A dialogue between Udaipur Collector Shri. Asutosh Pednekar, W. David Kubiak, Programme Development Director Udaipur Shakti Works Project and Premilla Hobbs (Premilla Dixit Nag), director BMCT, variously on tradition, culture and pro-active citizenry birthed Udaipur Shakti Sundays.

Our responsibility lay in creating a festival worthy of an ancient heritage city with all her beauty and dark realities as she emerges on her 21st century stage. The Udaipur Shakti Sunday festival/event is just that.

Friday, May 16, 2014

BMCT & Vanaver Caravan's Shakti Caravan World Dance Event Hosted by Rotary Club Udaipur

The Shakti Caravan World Dance Event 
14 January 2014
From Rotary Udaipur Newsletter

Glimpses of 14th January 2014

Shakti Caravan Finale at Shilpgram

More media kudos for the Shakti Caravan students and teachers at their final recital in Shilpgram's packed Darpana Hall

St. Matthew's students in poetic motion
Udaipur Times:

Dazzling Dance performances conclude Shakti-Caravan Project

With their splendid performances, the dancers who were trained under Shakti-Caravan enthralled the audience at Shilpgram on Friday 24th January. Several international and local genres of dances were classically presented by school students.
Shakti Caravan is a collaborative project by Vanaver Caravan, an international dance group and Udaipur Shakti Works.
Students from two local schools, St Mathews and Badi Tribal Schools showcased dances Salip (Philippines), Tarantella (Italy), Odvnday (Nigeria), Erevan (Israel), Copanitsa (Bulgaria), Maculele (Brazil), Kungfu & Karate (China & Japan), Belle Dance, Tankobushi (Japan), Owmbout (South Africa), Sweet of May (Ireland), Hangman Reel (Canada), Tagore Peace Poem etc.

Monday, January 20, 2014

‘EarthBeat’ by Shakti Caravan Project

Lovely coverage of the Rotary Club recital & performances by friends at

‘EarthBeat’ by Shakti Caravan Project - Jan 14, 2014
By Vajrasar Goswami | Published:  

Under the joint collaboration of Udaipur Shakti Works and The Vanaver Caravan (Shakti Caravan Project), an International Dance & Music evening, ‘EarthBeat’ was organized by Rotary Club, Udaipur today evening.
Bill and Livia, along with other members of Vanaver Caravan presented an assortment of dance and musical performances, enthralling the audience with artistic flavors from various corners of the world.
Rita Dixit of Shakti Global Dancers informed, “Shakti Caravan is a project to save and spread art forms of India. Vanaver Caravan, at its end is an American group where dancers from across the globe come together to collaborate and perform”.
The audience were treated to Bakawali Nautch, Maculele (Brazil), Kopanitsa (Bulgaria), Erev Shel Shoshanim “Evening of Roses” (Yemen/Israel), Nigun Atik (Israel), Salty Dog Rag (USA), Salip (Philippines), Hip Hop/Bollywood Dance, South African Gumboot Dance, Irish Drum & Dance and Hangman’s Reel (Canada).
A performance titled “Break the Chain” by Shakti Global Dancers was dedicated to a global movement for women against violence (One Billion Rising).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vanaver Caravan hits the Ground Dancing

Vanaver Caravan Arrival Press Conference & Media Response 

VC & BMCT brief the Udaipur media on their 2014 "Caravan Shakti Exchange" world dance program including presentations by Bill & Livia Vanaver, dancer/choreographer Miranda ten Broeke, BMCT director Premilla Dixit Nag, Raj Kumar Menaria of Sensei Raj Martial Arts Academy, Madhu Sareen of the Rotary Club, Bharat Verma of Heartbeators' Dance School and Lady Pulvi Mistry.
January 6, 2014 at Nirvana Cafe, Sajjangarh Rd, Azad Nagar
Livia, Miranda and Bill open press conference with a Québécois step dance

Appreciative reviews the next day from the big local newspapers