Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pitching the World Dance Residency Program to St Mathews School Students

Principal Gloria Phillips of St Mathew's Senior Secondary School Udaipur kindly invited David and me over to her school on September 2nd to talk to her students about the second VC/BMCT World Dance Residency Program scheduled for January 2014.

We talked to two sets of students, from the 6th to the 9th grade and from the 4th and 5th grades. David engaged them right away with his introductory questions. 'What brings your mind to school every day?' 'The body,' chimed the elder kids without hesitation, while the younger ones brightly answered, 'We do.' What happens to your body while your mind works such long hours at school every day?

  4 th & 5th graders offering their rapt attention
The students answer was unanimous in both groups, 'we get tired.' 
David inquired, 'you think your body would like to do more than just get parked in a desk all day?'
'Yes' was the immediate response.
'Does your body like to run?' David continued, 'and sports, does it like sports?'
Again the students loudly responded "yes!" to both questions. 
And finally he asked, 'how about dance? Does it like to dance?' And their 'YES!' was deafening.
Both students and teachers were delightfully receptive to our promotion of dance based learning. They loved Vanaver Caravan's promo videos that introduced their world dance training methods in US schools, the VC/BMCT 2012 World Dance program in Udaipur, and beautiful choreography from VC's 'Earth Beat.' 

6th to 9th grade students listening intently
For 30 years Vanaver Caravan teachers have brought their passion for the performing arts and intercultural education to American schools with a wide repertoire of world dance and music. They have taught teachers how to link dance and music to school curricula and students' understanding of history, geography and social studies.  According to VC's charismatic director & co-founder, Livia Vanaver, 'our dance classes not only give students a wonderful in-body experience, they nurture an appreciation of world cultures that energizes their search for knowledge far more generally'.  

David inquires,'what brings your mind to school each morning'?
Vanaver Caravan & BMCT's first world dance residency program in January 2012 in three Udaipur schools confirmed our favorite premises
  • dance & music transcend manmade boundaries spreading respect & understanding; 
  • the young respond quickly and positively to learning through their bodies, and
  • body based learning heightens well-being, self-confidence & general curiosity. 
The participating schools in 2012, local Udaipur newspapers, parents and the children themselves were struck by how much the VC teachers had taught the students within a few short lessons. The teachers had managed to teach the students not only lovely world dances, but also about the music and cultures behind them. Equally impressive, they drew out the students' innate expressiveness and grace, and the children responded with a focus, enthusiasm and creative aptitude that blew the teachers away. 'Udaipur's kids are just amazing!' they exclaimed, 'let's come back and keep doing this.'

We saw, heard and were delighted by all the passion and talent in both students & teachers as well as their obvious fond mutual respect. So once again we are proud to invite a VC teaching team to return to Udaipur in January and continue this remarkable intercultural and psychosomatic adventure. 

Students responding

VC-BMCT World Dance Residency Program
- Dates: 15th Jan - 24th Jan 2014
- Each 20-student group will enjoy:
  •  Six 50 - 60 minute workshops
  •  Two rehearsal classes
  •  A final public performance of all groups
We expect participation from four Udaipur senior secondary schools & one free government school, with 40 students from each institution. The fee per student for the entire residency is Rs 1020. This amount will cover the organizational and hospitality budget for the VC teachers and the entire program.

Depending on school participation, BMCT may open the 2014 World Dance Residency program to the Udaipur public as well. Stay tuned...

Monday, September 2, 2013

VC World Dance Residency Classes 2014

New York's Vanaver Caravan & Udaipur's Big Medicine Charitable Trust are again inviting local schools and students to sign up for our 2014 Udaipur World Dance Residency Program from Jan 15 to 24. The teaching model is explained in the short video below and we will be posting news on the content of the Udaipur program and the schools signing up.

The Ways & Means of VC Dance Residencies

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vanaver Caravan's Last Visit to Udaipur

Video Intros to 2012 Vanaver Caravan team & their wonderful Udaipur students

The Vanaver Caravan from R.J.. on Vimeo. 3 minute version

Vanaver Caravan in Udaipur 2012 from R.J.. on Vimeo.8 minute version