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Vanaver Caravan Dances at Hulchul Cafe

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Feature article from Rajasthan Patrika
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World Dance Traditions on Stage
Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper
January 28th 2012

* A Program of International Dances
* In step with dancers from America and Brazil

Udaipur's Big Medicine Charitable Trust organized an evening of international dances on Thursday January 27th at St Mary Girl’s Senior Secondary School, Fatehpura. At this event we saw folk dances from various parts of the globe.

Much to the amazement and delight of the gathered audience, the participating school children put on a brilliant performance, dancing along with the American and Brazilian dancers (teachers).

This concert had a total of 101 students in the age group of 6 to 8 and 14 to 16 take part from the Mahila Mandal Mandal Girls Senior Secondary School, the St Mary’s and St Paul’s school.

The three chief guests for the program were the three principals, Father Remigius of St. Pauls, Sister Jyotsna of St Marys and Mrs. Madhu Sareen of Mahila Mandal.

Their Dance Presentations

The participants presented some of the following world dance variety: Canadian Step Dance, Indian Story Dance, Israeli Folk Dance, Spanish Folk Dance, Chinese Story and Rhythm dance, American Swing Dance, African Story Dance and Brazilian Martial Art Dance amongst other dances.

Rita Dixit, from the Trust informed us that the America and Brazilian dance teachers trained the students in the international dances within five workshops. The aim of the training program was to give students a direct experience and appreciation of dance training and dances from other countries.

Postscript from Rita Dixit-Kubiak
We are grateful to the Rajasthan Patrika for covering the World Dance Concert (dated 27th January, 2012) in their newspaper. I would however like to point out that the concert was not organized by Big Medicine Charitable Trust but the three principals of the schools that participated in the BMCT/Vanaver Caravan World Dance Pilot Project. I would also like to note that the American and Brazilian dancers that the journalist mentions in this article are Vanaver Caravan Troupe members, Miranda Ten Broeke, Marina Lopez, Ramona Staffeld and Gustavo Caldas.

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