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‘EarthBeat’ by Shakti Caravan Project

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‘EarthBeat’ by Shakti Caravan Project - Jan 14, 2014
By Vajrasar Goswami | Published:  

Under the joint collaboration of Udaipur Shakti Works and The Vanaver Caravan (Shakti Caravan Project), an International Dance & Music evening, ‘EarthBeat’ was organized by Rotary Club, Udaipur today evening.
Bill and Livia, along with other members of Vanaver Caravan presented an assortment of dance and musical performances, enthralling the audience with artistic flavors from various corners of the world.
Rita Dixit of Shakti Global Dancers informed, “Shakti Caravan is a project to save and spread art forms of India. Vanaver Caravan, at its end is an American group where dancers from across the globe come together to collaborate and perform”.
The audience were treated to Bakawali Nautch, Maculele (Brazil), Kopanitsa (Bulgaria), Erev Shel Shoshanim “Evening of Roses” (Yemen/Israel), Nigun Atik (Israel), Salty Dog Rag (USA), Salip (Philippines), Hip Hop/Bollywood Dance, South African Gumboot Dance, Irish Drum & Dance and Hangman’s Reel (Canada).
A performance titled “Break the Chain” by Shakti Global Dancers was dedicated to a global movement for women against violence (One Billion Rising).

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