Thursday, November 14, 2013

Musical possibilities in Udaipur for International Cultural Exchange

From ancient times music & dance naturally interweave to express about people's life, beliefs, surroundings, joys & sorrows. Vanaver Caravan keeps alive global dance and music traditions and inspired by these traditions choreograph their own dances and compose their own music. VC performances in the US are accompanied by live music. 

BMCT believes that with VC's 2014 teaching tour to Udaipur, Bill Vanaver, Co-founder Director and lead musician and composer for the Vanaver Caravan could start a fruitful exchange with Udaipur city's virtuoso musicians for fresh music compositions to new dance choreographies. Here are a few of those brilliant Udaipur musicians that keep the city's cultural life alive.

Bhargav Mistry
Samarth Janve

Musicians from Sayari Roots of Gypsy

Pandit Ram Krishan Bose


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