Friday, November 8, 2013

VC Teachers Assisting the BMCT Shakti Academy Project - 2014 & 2012

These web-based news articles and youtube links are here to introduce our viewers to the amazing Vanaver Caravan teachers and artists we have the pleasure to work with in BMCT's school courses, community programs and our Shakti Academy Project.

Livia & Bill Vanaver, co-founder/directors Vanaver Caravan.
About Livia and Bill Vanaver

Write up on Livia and Bill Vanaver
Bill Vanaver & co playing "Flight to the Moon" from Earthbeat
Bill Vanaver & co playing "peace pin" for a swing dance number
Livia's rendition of late dancer-choreographeer Ruth St. Denis's dance "the Peacock"

Miranda Ten Broeke
VC India Program Coordinator

Marina Lopez 

VC India Program Co-Coordinator

Miranda, Marina & Livia talk about the Shakti Academy project to raise funds for their passage to India:

Joel Hanna
VC dancer teacher Kung-fu master & choreographer

Interview with Joel Hanna


Gustavo Caldas
VC dancer, teacher, Capoeira master & choreographer

Gustavo performing on stage for EarthBeat 

Ramona Staffeld
VC dancer teacher & choreographer

Ramona in Beantown camp 2010

 On Ramona                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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