Friday, November 15, 2013

The Government Primary and Middle School at Badi Village

BMCT is grateful that Ms. Joytsna Jhala, Principal of the Government Primary & Middle School at Badi Village outside Udaipur city welcomes our 2014 World Dance Residency program led by the Vanaver Caravan for her students.

Ms. Jyotsna Jhala Principal
Our Japanese colleague Mr. Takeshi Okumura who donated funds to build a childrens's library for the village next to the school introduced me to Jyotsna a few years ago. Takeshi who partnered us in several cultural exchange programs between Kyoto & Udaipur city throughout the 1990s was very keen that we extend our art based programs to the children in Badi. 
Takeshi Okumura & David Kubiak

The School

Children's Library, Badi

We are delighted to have an opportunity to work with these children. The majority of them are from tribal families with forestry, fishery and agrarian background. 

The photos below of the children are from a typical day at the school. 

4th grade students 

5th graders instructing third grade students
5th grade students responding to my inquiry

6th graders at their teacher's desk

Student art on the corridor walls

Including the Principal there are 3 full time teachers at the school. Jyotsna welcomes community input in the education process. As a result the children are comfortable and open with new comers and guests. They seem relaxed with their teachers and self motivated. The class room walls and corridors are full of educational charts and colorful student drawings. It seems art and craft is intrinsic to their life. Jyotsna informed us that dance and theater is also an integral part of their children's cultural background. It is my haunch that we will learn equally much from these children rooted in their nature based traditions.

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